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Uber Leasing NYC

Our Uber leasing options are the perfect and most convenient way for Uber drivers in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and the rest of NYC to drive their dream cars and increase their earning potential without breaking the bank. Uber Car Financing offers some of the most flexible and affordable leasing options in the industry and a large selection of vehicles to choose from. It’s never been easier or more convenient to lease a car. We offer expedited guaranteed approval of your lease application, so you can start earning right away. Call Uber Car Financing today at 212-843-9524 so we can get behind the wheel of the car or truck you want.

At Uber Car Financing, we don’t believe that the Uber leasing process should be needlessly complicated. We know that the more time you have to wait for the processing and approval of your application, the more you have to wait to pick up fares and start earning. Our Uber leasing process requires only a few crucial pieces of documentation, including a driver’s license, social security card, proof residence (utility bill or bank statement). If you are a corporation: please provide filing receipt and IRS tax ID sheet. New York drivers will need proof of their TLC FHV license, Base Letter from the insurance company, state driver’s license and proof of completion of a defensive driving course.

Once we have all of the application materials in place, we will get you approved and behind the wheel of your new car or truck. Uber Car Financing works with clients of various credit histories and we are determined to help you get the vehicle you want regardless of past financial issues. We realize that you’re driving with Uber to improve your quality of life and that you can’t make the most of the opportunity unless you have the right car with which to pick up fares. Once you find the car you want from our extensive online inventory, contact our NYC location to start the Uber leasing process.

If you’re working as an Uber driver in NYC, you can’t afford to have an older, unreliable vehicle to pick up your passengers. You also can’t afford to create undue wear and tear on your vehicle if its your only one. It doesn’t do anyone any good if they have to take the money they make from their job and put it right back into their cars. Uber Car Financing provides the freedom and affordability you need to help you launch your career as an Uber driver. Contact us today at 212-843-9524 to learn more about how we can help you get the car or truck of your dreams.

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